What happened in June?

Finally, the summer is here and we’re excited to share our news with you!☀️ 


It’s June, and we celebrated the 3rd birthday of TOPOL.io 🎁

Since 2017 we’re going forward and we’re trying to bring you the best tool possible. We’re constantly updating our software and bringing new features based mostly on your demand. Together we created thousands of newsletters and a tool that is now used by hundreds of customers around the world.

The number of clients is increasing, therefore we decided to get some new manpower into our team. We hired 2 new internal developers – Tomas and Jacob. This means that the development of the software will be much faster and efficient. Our 3rd new member is Michal – which will help us with marketing and customer care. 

In the upcoming weeks, we’re preparing a new design of elements int the editor (including new file manager as you demanded). Also, be ready for fresh summer templates 🍉

We created our own blog, where special content will be posted so stay tuned! For more insides and quick updates make sure you’re following us on social media.

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