New Google Cloud transfer pricing.

We are announcing that from the 1st of October 2020, the Google Cloud pricing will change for all our users.

All users of will now have 5GB of Google Cloud transfer for free per each month. If you will exceed more than 5GB we will have to bill you based on how much data you have transfered.

Check the new pricing:

up to 5 GBFree
6 – 10 GB7 USD
11 – 20 GB14 USD
21 – 50 GB30 USD
51 – 100 GB55 USD
101 – 200 GB100 USD
201 – 300 GB140 USD
301 – 400 GB175 USD
400+ GB0,4 USD/GB

This pricing is valid for all users, which are using our cloud storage.

You can switch to your custom Google Cloud or Amazon web services. Check the documentation about how to set own AWS here, for custom Google Cloud setup it is here.

Billing for Google Cloud storage will be always processed on the 1st day of new the moth for the past month.

One last important information: If you’re using our Google Cloud storage and you will unsubscribe from, all your images will be deleted from Google Cloud after 30 days. This means if some of your clients will open the template (after 30 days) images won’t load.

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