6 Tips on Building Successful Email Marketing Strategy

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Email remains the king of marketing, with it being the most “official” communication by businesses and consumers. The Radicati Group’s forecast shows that there will be over 4.5 billion email users worldwide by year-end 2025. 

With the continued rise of email users, it is no surprise that PR representatives, marketing staff, and salespeople build on email marketing. However, as more companies focus on email marketing, the number of emails being ignored by consumers also rises. From the 2019 UK Adobe Email Usage Study, roughly 75% of the email content is ignored by its recipients. For the recipients who read, it was revealed that around 50% aren’t considered useful. This means that there is a need to use email marketing tools to drive better results. 

1. Plan According to the Marketing Funnel

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Identify your target market and assess whether they’re already on the awareness, interest, desire, or action stage. After identifying, craft email templates for each stage. You can follow this sample to guide you on how to go about it:

  • Awareness – Introduce your brand by giving a brief overview along with your contact details and website. This is advised for consumers that you’ll contact for the first time.
  • Interest – Give an in-depth explanation of the products, services, and offers.
  • Desire – Incorporate testimonials from previous consumers to nudge them into taking action.
  • Action – Send exclusive offers, discounts, and promos to keep them loyal consumers.

In following the marketing funnel, sending emails will no longer be a hit or miss as it speaks directly to your consumers. For the interest stage, it is crucial to direct the recipient to your website to take them into further marketing funnel stages. TOPOL lets you promote your products efficiently from your store directly to your emails through the drag-and-drop function.

When you’re hiring people into your team, you might ask what can you do with a degree in marketing from applicants. Well, having people with relevant skills, experience, and knowledge in the field can help you get the job done not just correctly but also successfully. 

2. Include Timing in Your Strategy

Identify the demographics of your audience, if possible. This will help you to gain the most out of your campaign. 

You can send an 8 am email to corporate people because they have already arrived at their office and would check their email first thing in the morning, or you can send a 5 pm email for employees as they check their email right before they hop off their work. Of course, you should also make sure to send it in the right timezone.

Create a calendar of your email blast, and don’t forget to do follow-ups. There is a specific language that you must use when creating follow-up emails. It’s best to use top email marketing tools offering such templates to streamline the work for you. TOPOL has over 150 easy-to-use and responsive templates ready to be used in minutes which you can customize with no coding skills required.

3. Send Out Verification Emails

You may have applied all the best email strategies, but it doesn’t reach the intended recipients. Confirm the email address of your target market by sending out verification emails. This will aid in accurate monitoring of the response and click-through rates as you strategize again for your email campaigns.

The best email marketing tool provides a wide variety of templates. TOPOL offers pre-made responsive templates of different kinds, or you can create one from scratch using TOPOL email template builder, which you can use several times and re-edit if needed. 

4. Tap Different Channels 

As you construct emails, make sure to link your social media platforms and official website in the body of your email. McKinsey’s report states that email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in acquiring new customers.

But, don’t just rely on email marketing. Identify where most of your audience is active. As you learn more about your target market’s social media preferences and behavior, you get an idea of which social media platform to highlight on your email campaigns. 

TOPOL lets you customize and insert your platforms by using your HTML code. You may also use custom blocks for your social media platforms and save them as templates to drag and drop them in all your emails. 

As you venture into multi-channel marketing, it is vital to remember that your target audience or recipients will open and read their emails on different devices. Hence, optimizing your emails for other devices (tablets, web browsers, or mobile phones) would be best. 

Imagine sending a well-curated email with a professional-looking design, but the elements and images do not show when mobile users access it. As a result, your audience won’t be as receptive as you expect them to be. This affects the entire success of your campaign. Make sure to use templates that are optimized for different devices. Mobile-optimized templates are part of the library of TOPOL, which you can preview here.

5. Clean Your Email Data Regularly

Apart from editing the body of your email and keeping a short subject line, you must review your database regularly. The only way to craft a comprehensive email marketing strategy for your company is by looking at data. You won’t correctly assess the benefits of email marketing if there are invalid emails, ghost emails, and unresponsive customers included in the assessment. 

Clean your email address lists regularly, preferably before every campaign. Double-check if there are typographical errors and fake accounts from newly acquired email addresses.

6. Conduct Trial Runs

Given all these tips, the best way to know what will work for your business is by doing A/B testing of your email campaigns. This will save you from losing your entire customer base. 

However, you must keep in mind that testing may not always be efficient, but it must be done to identify your base’s trends. Do not be afraid to try out different campaign variations and see how your customers will respond. TOPOL Pro can cater unlimited test emails for your company and may also be added as a plugin in your online store platform and CRM for easier monitoring.

Finalizing Your Strategy

The best email marketing platforms 2021 brought to businesses offer varying features that will benefit different companies, such as a vast library of templates, collaboration features, tag merging, and link building. 

Furthermore, find a software or solution which gives you the freedom to be creative in creating your email campaigns. Having a space for creativity makes the creation of strategies a whole lighter and, if done the proper way, will lead to sales and a loyal network of customers.

Lastly, take inspiration from successful companies as you implement any marketing campaign. BBC, Hunter, Spendee, Intercom, Orange, and Deloitte recognize TOPOL as an email marketing tool. More than 5,000 European companies are using the Ecomail marketing platform, which TOPOL is a part of. If you wish to get ahead of the email marketing game like these companies, check out TOPOL’s unique drag and drop HTML email editor by registering here.

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