New Google Cloud transfer pricing.

We are announcing that from the 1st of October 2020, the Google Cloud pricing will change for all our users. All users of will now have 5GB of Google Cloud transfer for free per each month. If you will exceed more than 5GB we will have to bill you based on how much data... Continue Reading →

What happened in June?

Finally, the summer is here and we're excited to share our news with you!☀️  It's June, and we celebrated the 3rd birthday of 🎁 Since 2017 we're going forward and we're trying to bring you the best tool possible. We're constantly updating our software and bringing new features based mostly on your demand. Together... Continue Reading →

January news

We are happy to introduce to you a new framework for the editor. We have switched from MJML3 to MJML4 which will allow us to develop more advanced features. This change will also increase the functionality and responsiveness of editor in many ways.  Customizable width Now it is possible to modify the width... Continue Reading →

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