5 Trends in Online Marketing

Each year brings new trends in online marketing. While 2022 seems to partially inherit what 2021 has brought to us, there are new things we need to be aware of. Online marketing is a rapidly changing field, and those who are not able to timely react to new tendencies, are left behind. So, let’s dive... Continue Reading →

Outbound and Inbound Emails: Difference In Writing

Outbound and inbound email marketing are the two major types of email marketing currently utilized by marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs from different industries. But while some people know the difference between the two, it is not always clear how that difference is reflected in practice while writing the emails. Hence, here’s everything you need... Continue Reading →

Free SEO tool – Ahrefs toolkit overview

Everyone interested in digital marketing must have come across the magical word SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimization. Is it worth spending time optimizing your websites for search engines? Yes, it is! 🙂 How shall you begin? With a free SEO tool!   Ask yourself a question: How good is the SEO of my website? What... Continue Reading →

New Google Cloud transfer pricing.

We are announcing that from the 1st of October 2020, the Google Cloud pricing will change for all our users. All users of TOPOL.io will now have 5GB of Google Cloud transfer for free per each month. If you will exceed more than 5GB we will have to bill you based on how much data... Continue Reading →

TOPOL.io 2.0

After testing the beta version of the plugin in closed beta, where we have fixed all the issues, We are officially releasing new version of TOPOL.io Plugin 2.0! This means that all the Plugin users will get access to all the new features. We are now officially releasing TOPOL.io Editor 2.0 and TOPOL.io Plugin 2.0!... Continue Reading →

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