100+ Premade templates in TOPOL.io

At the beginning of this week, we have added a new premade templates to TOPOL.io. We are in the middle of this summer, but that doesn't mean that you won't need these summer-themed templates! Now that we have more than 100 premade templates, it is important to use the category filter when selecting the desired... Continue Reading →

TOPOL.io 2.0

After testing the beta version of the plugin in closed beta, where we have fixed all the issues, We are officially releasing new version of TOPOL.io Plugin 2.0! This means that all the Plugin users will get access to all the new features. We are now officially releasing TOPOL.io Editor 2.0 and TOPOL.io Plugin 2.0!... Continue Reading →

May news

We are happy that we have finished the beta testing phase of our Plugin editor, where we have fixed all the issues and our Plugin is now running smoothly. The next step before the global release is the redesign of the user interface. Our developers are currently working on it and it is our priority... Continue Reading →

April news

Let me tell you what happened in April and we have a couple of new features which we have prepared for you. Besides that, we hope that everyone is well and safe!  ✅ Transparent buttons  We have added a transparent color to the buttons and border.  ✅ Extended fonts settings  You have now even more options when... Continue Reading →

March news

Plugin beta testing We have successfully launched the beta testing of our new version of the Plugin version. For those of you who have missed this opportunity and you would like to participate in the beta testing you can write us an email on support@topol.io, that you are interested and we will get back to... Continue Reading →

February news

February was a busy month because of the fact that we were planning the update of our Plugin framework from MJML3 to MJML4. For those who are using the Free or Pro version, you already know that the framework has been already updated to MJML4. It is very important, that you give us your feedback... Continue Reading →

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