7 Avoidable Email Design Mistakes Ruining Your ROI

With over four billion daily users globally, it’s no wonder email is such an effective and profitable marketing medium. Sending a skillfully constructed email remains one of the best methods to reach customers today. The opposite is true. A poorly crafted email can damage your ROI and render your marketing efforts useless. Here are a… Continue Reading →

Incorporating Amazing Customer Testimonials And Feedback In Email Marketing

Are you stuck trying to make your email marketing work for you and your brand? Chances are, you might not have considered using customer testimonials! Customer testimonials and feedback act as social proof for your business, thus serving as motivators to get newer customers to check out your business. Unfortunately, many marketers forget to utilize… Continue Reading →

follow up

6 Tips On Creating Successful Follow-Up Emails

Congratulations! You attracted new customers for your online business! But perhaps you’d like to send your customers follow-up emails to sweeten the deal? First, that’s a great idea! But second, there’s more to follow-up emails than one might think. In fact, follow-up emails have to be wholesome for customers – so suitable that they’ll be… Continue Reading →

email marketing

Nonprofit Email Marketing Tips for More Effective Campaigns

Nonprofits organizations are late arrivals to this email marketing. Traditionally, they relied on annual campaigns, large fund-raising events, and, more recently, quite a bit of television time (e.g., St. Jude’s, ASPCA, Shriners). But it is time for nonprofits to take lessons from their for-profit counterparts and realize the same ROI from well-planned and carefully implemented… Continue Reading →

email verification checked

Verification Email – Invalid emails do not sell!

The verification email technique is one of the most valuable email marketing practices. It keeps your database healthy that is necessary for meeting your goals. In this article, I try to explain what it means and its consequences if you don’t.  Perhaps you already heard this statement: A valid email is critical for any email marketing… Continue Reading →

ahrefs logo uvodni

Free SEO tool – Ahrefs toolkit overview

Everyone interested in digital marketing must have come across the magical word SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimization. Is it worth spending time optimizing your websites for search engines? Yes, it is! 🙂 How shall you begin? With a free SEO tool!   Ask yourself a question: How good is the SEO of my website? What… Continue Reading →

Summer sale newsletter templates

150+ Free newsletter templates in

A great looking responsive newsletter template is the best start for your email marketing campaigns. There are many ways to create your email template, either in HTML, which requires deep expertise in coding, or using some WYSIWYG tool such as, which does all the coding work instead of you. Moreover, you can inspect over… Continue Reading → sendinblue intergration

Beautiful emails, easy with & Sendinblue integration

We already partnered up, and for clients of, we have developed Sendinblue integration. Now you’re able to export the finished email template directly into your Sendinblue account by 2 clicks. It can’t be any easier! Check the guide on how to set up the export to Sendinblue. Sendinblue is all in one marketing platform…. Continue Reading →


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