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Guide to Using Video in Your Email Marketing

Designed by vectorjuice / Freepik” Visual content is a strong trend. Adding videos and visuals will make any content interesting and more engaging. What’s more, it can work wonders not only for your social media and blog content but for your email marketing as well. Plus, the list of creative ideas to implement is almost… Continue Reading →

Psychological Design Principles For Emails that get Read

Psychological Design Principles For Emails that get Read 

These are the principles that take advantage of the way our brains work in order to get us to take the desired action. And while there are dozens of psychological design principles that we could use, there are 8 that are particularly effective when it comes to creating emails that converts.

8 Effective Tips On Making User Onboarding Emails More Impactful

For every customer’s journey, there’s the user onboarding process. However, if you’re a small business owner, it can be hard just to grab people’s attention on one go. Customers want to be allured by something worth buying. That’s where user onboarding emails come in! Although times have changed, 95% of companies still take advantage of… Continue Reading →

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