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Outbound and Inbound Emails: Difference In Writing

Outbound and inbound email marketing are the two major types of email marketing currently utilized by marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs from different industries. But while some people know the difference between the two, it is not always clear how that difference is reflected in practice while writing the emails. Hence, here’s everything you need… Continue Reading →

6 Tips on Building Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels Email remains the king of marketing, with it being the most “official” communication by businesses and consumers. The Radicati Group’s forecast shows that there will be over 4.5 billion email users worldwide by year-end 2025.  With the continued rise of email users, it is no surprise that PR… Continue Reading →


Importance of Subject Line in Email Marketing

How vital are email subject lines for your company’s online promotional strategies? Email marketing reportedly dates back to 1978 when a marketer at Digital Equipment Corporation sent the world’s first email blast. A fascinating subject line may impact SEO in email marketing and clickthrough rates (CTR) in effective initial and follow-up digital communication. Improving your company’s or organization’s email… Continue Reading →

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