Email Automations You Should Not Forget About 

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Guess which digital marketing channel generates the highest return on investment, according to a 2021 study from Litmus? That’s right. It’s email. Even in a world dominated by videos and social media, good old-fashioned email is still the king of digital marketing tools. According to the study, it generates $45 in revenue for every $1 of investment.

Why is email so effective? There are a few reasons. One is that it gives you the ability to have a one-to-one conversation with each recipient. Social media is messaging to the masses. However, you can personalize your emails to feel like they were written for each specific recipient.

Another reason email marketing is effective is that it’s affordable. With most email marketing software, you can reach thousands of people on a regular basis for minimal expense each month.

You can make email even more efficient and cost-effective by automating some of your outgoing messages. Automated emails are messages that are automatically sent to a list of recipients, depending on a triggering action.

Automated emails allow you to automatically reach everyone on your list on an ongoing basis, with no additional effort, meaning lless stress. If you are experiencing stress in responding to difficult to handle emails, you might want to read more in this article.

Which emails should you automate? There is a wide range of emails you can automate on most platforms, but generally, you should look for emails that you send on a regular basis. Or emails that you would send on a regular basis if you had the time.

In this article is a list of types of emails that are commonly automated by many businesses. You can accomplish this with most email platforms. If any of the following apply to your business, consider automating them to make your life easier and to drive business:

Welcome Emails

Do you have a place on your website or app for people to provide their email address and join your mailing list? The best time to send them an email is immediately after they provide their information. After all, they just made the decision to give you their email. They are completely open to receiving emails from you and learning more about your business.

Consider an automated welcome email that is triggered when a person submits their email. The welcome email should include a few things. First, it should be welcoming. Make them feel appreciated. You also may want to include a special offer, like a discount on their first purchase or a free download with more information. A low-commitment next step can move them along the buying journey and closer to becoming a loyal customer.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Do you sell products or services directly on your website? Do people ever add items to their cart and then never check out? It’s a common occurrence with online retail, so you’re not alone with that issue.

An automated email is a great way to remind them they have items in their cart. Maybe they got distracted and didn’t complete the purchase. Perhaps they have a question about the product that they need to be answered before they move forward.

Use your email to gently remind them that they left items in the cart. You may want to follow up with automated emails that remind them of the benefits of the product or service. If a significant amount of time goes by, you could even offer them a coupon to complete the purchase.

Post-Purchase Emails

It’s always easier to get more sales from an existing customer than from a brand new customer. Once someone purchases from you, they are more likely to make additional purchases in the future.

An automated email immediately after their purchase is a great way to express appreciation and nurture the relationship. You may then want to follow up with automated emails that recommend additional products that could complement their first purchase. A satisfaction survey is also a great way to get feedback and remind them of their positive shopping experience with you.

Re-Engagement Emails

As you build your list and send more emails, you will start to see people on the list who stop engaging. They may stop clicking on links in your emails or even stop opening them altogether.

A re-engagement series can be an effective way to get some of those people back on board with your messages and content. You can offer them a discount to make another purchase or some other kind of special experience.

The key with re-engagement emails is to grab them with a catchy headline that is straight to the point. Remember, they aren’t opening your emails, so you need to give them a reason to do so.

Automated emails can be an effective and efficient way to drive new business. It takes a little bit of work and trial-and-error, but once you find the messaging that works, you’ll likely find that automated emails are one of your best marketing tactics.

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