February news

February was a busy month because of the fact that we were planning the update of our Plugin framework from MJML3 to MJML4. For those who are using the Free or Pro version, you already know that the framework has been already updated to MJML4. It is very important, that you give us your feedback because we always want to improve our editor. 


Knowledge Base

We have also updated our knowledge base because it will help new and also current users how to work with our TOPOL.io Editor and Platform. From the basic info, you will also find there a tutorial, tips, and tricks that will help you maximize the potential of TOPOL.io solution. 

Columns and border 

Now you will be able to set a different settings for each column. As you can see in the picture below, each column can have different background colors and borders. You can also select what type of border do you want and if it should be rectangular or not. If you are interested to learn more about columns and borders read this article


Export to Sendy.co

We have also announced that we have successfully integrated the export to Sendy.co. If you are interested in the export to Sendy.co, please read this article, where you will learn how to connect it as an external source. 

Your story

Our TOPOL.io team is working very hard, to make the editor the most intuitive and easy tool for our users. We want you to use TOPOL.io editor in order to save time and also the costs of email marketing production. But we are also interested in Your story, what is your story with TOPOL.io. Please, share your feedback with us on story@topol.io and help us improve TOPOL.io. 

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