Global Email Marketing The Smart Way With International Thought Leaders

Have you ever thought about how to craft the best emails and build an email list? Did you wonder what email content will persuade the owner of the inbox your email will land on?

We’ve all been there. Even the email marketing gurus have gone through it. We have here the pioneers at email marketing, Brian Dean of, Ofer Tirosh of Tomedes Translation Company, Justin Jordan of Litmus, and Neil Patel of Neil Patel Digital. We will discuss their efforts to convert global consumers via email and what you can do to get started in creating a successful email marketing campaign. 

According to Hubspot, out of 4 billion email users and more than 306 billion emails sent and received each day:

  • 78% of marketers in 2020 said email is vital to overall company success.
  • 16% of all emails never make it into the inbox
  • 99% of email users check their inbox every day, with some checking 20 times a day. 
  • Of those people, 58% of consumers check their email first thing in the morning. 

If these statistics aren’t proof that email marketing works, then let’s look into the minds of global thought leaders, finding out about email marketing the smart way.

Today, we’re focusing on one aspect of global marketing: email marketing.  

Let’s begin.

The SEO Genius of Backlinko Brings His SEO Knowledge to Email Marketing  

Brian Dean, Founder and CEO of Backlinko, is an internationally recognized SEO expert. Backlinko is one of his later ventures in online businesses. 

If you’re looking for “actionable SEO advice that gets results,” Backlinko is the perfect place to go. While content is king, according to Dean, “I learned the hard way that there’s a lot more to SEO than ‘great content.’ And that’s where Backlinko comes in.

Dean’s email newsletter through Backlinko has reached 173,674 people for Weekly SEO Tips via email regarding email marketing. Many of his emails include actionable advice for email marketing. One example of his emails go like this:


Dean is on this list because of his fact-based SEO advice for email marketing. Long-time readers know there’s a ton of research involved with his tips. His emails are almost always backed by analyses of backlinks, traffic, rankings, and more.

He presents SEO strategies for content creation based on years of experience. Based on the screenshot above, you can see that his emails are full of SEO and digital marketing advice backed by data and research. 

Brian Dean is always looking for engaging topics, genius SEO tips, and tricks.

The Email Creator Can Use SEO in Discovering Their REAL Audience

In creating an email marketing strategy, Dean explained that you could use SEO to discover your audience. From his experience, their email marketing failed because of its content. They had thought content creators were their audience. 

Through SEO, they discovered their REAL audience: entrepreneurs and investors. Due to this, they changed the content of the emails. Their content focused now on what investors care about, like the market size. 

If you’ve noticed a lack of engagement from your email marketing, maybe it’s because of your content. Like Dean, you might have made assumptions about who your audience is. 

It’s normal if you’re having problems identifying your audience. It’s especially true if you’re entering a new market. If that’s the case, a translation company can assist you in researching your target audience and coming up with a strategy. 

The Globalization Whiz of Tomedes Translation Company Personalizes Email Content For Any Market

The next one on this list is Ofer Tirosh, the Founder and CEO of Tomedes Translation Company. His philosophy is to broaden the horizons of businesses everywhere to an international scope through translation. Because of this, he’s called the Globalization Whiz. 

Alongside Tomedes Translation Company, Tirosh provides global marketing and language solutions to companies worldwide. And one of their services involves creating a global email marketing strategy. Another perk is that Tirosh’s emails are always translated to accommodate the needs of every consumer. Here’s an example of a translated email from Tirosh:

Credit: Photo by Cams Brozas 

Whether it’s guiding businesses in new markets or providing language services, Tirosh is a whiz at globalization. Whatever your business needs are for international expansion, like building multilingual websites, his company has experience taking a business to the next level–whatever niche your business is in. 

Tirosh has translated hundreds of emails for his consumers as an email marketer. For him, the best way to connect with consumers is through their language. He explained you must know the lingo if you want to land in someone’s inbox.

By translating each message based on your target locale, your email content can be more personal. Tirosh knows that in this globalized world, personalized messages are key.

As you can see, Ofer Tirosh takes globalization seriously, which makes him the Globalization Whiz of this list.

Professional Translation Companies Create Locale-based CTAs

If you’re planning to only send out translated emails to two to three markets, hiring a freelance translator would be a good option. But if you’re marketing to several countries, consider hiring a translation company.

Professional translation companies can assist an email creator with their market research and develop an email marketing strategy for your target audience. 

Tirosh explained that translation can only go so far. What matters is  creating content that your audience can relate to on a cultural and professional level.

In building an email marketing strategy, Call-To-Action (CTA) is essential. Often, the CTA part of emails are unnoticeable. Test out your CTAs and email marketing tactics whenever you can.

If you’re creating the CTA part of your emails, have it stand out. One way is through design by making them brightly colored. Another way is writing a creative CTA than the regular “Click Here.” 

For creating an international CTA, you’ll need a strong grasp of your target market’s culture and language. Examine your competitors’ email market tactics to find out what they’re doing right or wrong. A translation company could assist with email content creation to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. 

The Email Chief of Litmus Advocates for Fun and Engaging Email Designs

Justine Jordan, previously VP of Marketing at Litmus and now Head of Marketing at Wildbit, is an email design and marketing expert. A long-time advocate of email marketing, she’s the recipient of the 2015 EEC “Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year” Award. 

She gives talks and tutorials on email marketing, like the strategies to boost its performance. Improving email is her forte through creating engaging and fun email marketing content. 

Here’s an example of an Email Marketing Campaign by Justine Jordan.


As you can see in this email, she has stats and figures to back up everything that she’s saying with engaging images. Say goodbye to your usual boring emails–not with Justine Jordan around.

Sometimes, the reason your emails are failing to catch attention is because of your email’s design, like inconsistent branding. She also recommends designing for mobile-first, which is a good note from a well-respected mind in email marketing. 

She’s written about everything that has to do with email marketing–what more can you expect from the Email Marketing Chief, Justine Jordan.

The Content Marketing King of Neil Patel Digital Suggests Seeing Yourself as a Guest 

Neil Patel of Neil Patel Digital has become a household name in recent years, and it’s not because his name rhymes. Rather, it’s because he has chosen to give content a new look and content for email marketing. 

Neil Patel is a British entrepreneur who has become a digital marketer in all respects of the word, with accolades from the Wall Street Journal and Forbes and a New York Times best-selling book.

As the creator and founder of Ubersuggest and Neil Patel Digital, Patel has established himself as one of the kings of content marketing.


Patel revolutionized content marketing because of his newfound style. A few years ago, he initiated the casual tone, the confident style, and the engaging content. His tips on consumer engagement made the traffic of TechCrunch increase by 30% within two months. His philosophy in the digital marketing industry is to increase traffic with valuable content.

So it’s not much of a surprise that he would become a guru for email marketing.

In the beginner’s guide to email marketing, he emphasized the importance of acting like a guest in the consumer’s inbox. Now, this all depends on the kind of culture your target audience has. 

Are they more formal or semiformal? What is considered rude or taboo in their culture? In international email marketing, you’ll have to find out on your own or with the help of a translation company or freelance translator. 

Wrapping Up 

Global email marketing is all about forming connections with your readers. The fact you have them in your email listing means they trust your brand. These four experts are featured here because they’ve made names for themselves in the effectiveness of their email marketing.  Now it’s your turn to hit send.

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