How to Create an Outreach Email That Someone Will Actually Read

The skill to write engaging and effective outreach emails will never be superflows. It helps to get the desired business connections, get in touch with the necessary people, for example, influencers and website owners, and even attract new customers. Hence, writing an outreach that will work is not the easiest task. Next, you will find effective tips that will help write such an outreach email that the recipient will read and respond to.

How To Create an Outreach Email With a High Open Rate?

So, writing an effective outreach isn’t easy. Dealing with electronic repairs and other technical issues isn’t easy, too, but for such a case, you are always welcome to ask Howly experts. We, in the meantime, will proceed with sharing life-proven tips on how to create such an outreach letter that your recipient will be hooked by. 

Start with a Catchy Headline

The title is the first thing that catches the eye of the respondent. By the way, the headline determines whether your letter will be opened or not. Therefore, this part of the outreach email is no less important than the preparation of the body of your letter. Create a catchy headline that will display the essence of the letter so that the respondent immediately understands what is at stake.

There are several approaches to do it. For example, if you got a recommendation to reach out to this person, refer to those who have recommended them to you so that you create a feeling of trust. Or get started with the recipient’s pain point you can help with but make sure you do it politely.

Apply with the Value Your Offer

The recipient must understand why they should place a link to your site, accept a guest post, or something else. So, highlighting the benefit that the respondent will receive is a must-do for every outreach email. Firstly, it will immediately remove the psychological barrier and create interest. Secondly, the benefits you offer are the main tools to engage the recipient in further conversation.

Keep Your Outreach Short

Outreach is not a long read! For it to be effective, it must be no more than 100 characters long. Most note that 80 words are the optimal length. Therefore, it is necessary to fit your message within such a framework. Remember, your potential partners are very busy people. They are also likely to receive hundreds of emails per day. No one wants to waste their precious time reading a long email.

Personalize Your Email

You probably are well aware of the importance of personalization in email marketing. As for outreach, the power of personalization works in the same way. You must show the respondent that you are writing specifically to them and not creating a spam emailing list. Personalization is also essential for your outreach to be effective.

Start with the simplest possible solution and call the recipient by their name. Calling by name is what brings you closer to the respondent, creating a favourable aura for communication.

Make Sure of the Relevance of Your Outreach Email

Before writing and sending your outreach email, ensure that your letter is relevant to your respondent. Let’s discover a simple example. If you want to get a backlink from a site that sells cars while you are selling beauty products, you should think about the relevance of your letter. In such a situation, such cooperation is inappropriate for both parties. Therefore, before sending a letter, make sure that it will be relevant to the recipient.

Be Polite and Concise

As for the manner of writing, it is recommended to be brief and polite. However, you shouldn’t come up with “dry” and official documentation. Just do not forget that you need to be polite and friendly. A friendly manner is vital in modern business conditions. So, keep your tone easy-going but still don’t forget about the fact that outreach emails are the “cold” ones, so keeping the appropriate distance is also essential.

Briefly Introduce Yourself

It is recommended to start with an introduction. The respondent may not know who you are or what your company does. Therefore, you need to briefly describe yourself, your company, or your product. The reader should get a quick and clear understanding of who you are and what you want.

Move to the Essence

After the brief introduction, you need to move on to the essence of your letter. Outreach is limited in words, so don’t turn your letter into an essay. In this case, less text is much better than tons of detail. Try to capture the essence in one sentence so that even a 5-year-old child can understand what you are talking about.

Highlight What You Can Offer in Exchange

After you have summed up the essence of your letter, you need to move on to convince the respondent of the importance of your proposal or request. The most effective way to do this is by displaying the benefit to the respondent.

For example, if you’re asking for a guest post, make sure you’re willing to provide high-quality content with unique data. The respondent must get a specific idea about what they will receive in return if you want your outreach to work.

Discover the Conditions of Collaboration

It is also worth understanding that the recipient may have some special requirements regarding the terms of cooperation. Find out about it directly in your letter. Check if your recipient has special requirements regarding the collaboration. Note that you would be glad to find out more about their expectations for your future collaboration.

End Up with a Call to action

End your outreach with a call to action. Based on your goal, formulate a call to action that you need. As a call to action, you can tell how to use the product, how to register, what to do to participate, how to contact you, and so on. This is an imperative part of your outreach, so don’t pass by it.

Share Your Contact Data and Other Communication Channels

It is crucial to include your contact information. Don’t wait for the respondent to contact you by replying to an email. Specify all the options so that the recipient can contact you in any convenient way for them. For example, you can attach links to your social media profiles and messengers so that in just one click, the user can contact you.

Add Visuals Where Appropriate

In conclusion, it is worth considering whether any visual files are suitable for your letter. Perhaps you have a video that can complement your outreach or a suitable infographic. If it is appropriate in the context of your letter, then it is worth diversifying your letter with such elements. In any case, a letter with any visual files is something that will undoubtedly attract the attention of a modern user, increasing the open rate.

Wrapping Up

Use these tips as a guide to creating an outreach that will work. Such easy tips will help create an email with a high open rate and the same high rate of response.

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