How To Write A Selling Subject Line For Your Emails


Email marketing is by far one of the most effective types of content marketing which is why so many businesses use it in their campaigns. However, there are common issues that arise when using email marketing. For example, the conversion rates, including the open rate, click-through rate, and others.

Marketers want more people to click on the links in their emails and use different psychological design principles to achieve this. But before your email subscribers can click on these links, they should first click on the email itself to open it. To persuade them to open your email, you need a strong subject line. Hence, here’s how to write a selling subject line for your emails.

#1 Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Before you start working on your email subject lines, you need to ask yourself the right questions that will guide you. Here are the four key questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you selling? – What is the product or service you are selling? You might even be selling content rather than any specific product or service.
  • Who is your customer? – Who will be the person who receives this email? Are there any mutual connections between you? Or perhaps the person is familiar with your brand in some way already?
  • What will make your customer respond? – Why would the email recipient open your email? Why would they decide not to open it?
  • Which metrics are you tracking? – Which metrics related to your email do you want to track (e.g. open rate, click-through rate, response rate, etc.)?

#2 Focus on Personalization

Once you start thinking about the possible ways to word your subject line, you should always keep in mind a single priority – personalization. Nowadays, customers expect brands to personalize the content they create for their customers. This is precisely why you need to understand what kind of person each recipient is and how you can word your subject line in a way that will fit their interests, needs, likes, dislikes, etc.

To help you keep this focus on personalization, you can hire an experienced writer from the writing services reviews site Best Writers Online who can write your subject lines for you. Alternatively, you can write the subject lines yourself and then let the writer personalize them further based on the data you have about each customer.

#3 Keep It Short and Get to the Point

One of the most important things you need to do when writing your subject lines is to keep them short and get to the point right away. You don’t have a lot of space to get your message across, so you need to aim to make your subject lines as concise as possible. To do this, you can:

  • Name the email’s topic and keep the subject line at that.
  • Remove any redundant words that aren’t necessary to convey your message.
  • Try different forms of subject lines such as questions or cliffhangers (more on this in the following sections).

#4 Be Relevant and Genuine

The best kinds of subject lines are the ones that hit the nail on the head. This is why you need to aim to make your subject lines relevant and genuine. Relevance is critical for sparking the interest of the recipient while being genuine is crucial for connecting with the person on a personal, emotional level.

If you are inexperienced and want to find professional help crafting your email subject lines, you can hire an expert writer or editor from the custom writing reviews site Writing Judge. Their expertise will help you edit your subject lines to make them the best version they can be depending on your goals.

#5 Write It as a Cliffhanger

As mentioned earlier, one of the options you have for making your subject lines shorter is to write them as cliffhangers. When you use cliffhanger-like subject lines, you actively stir the curiosity of your recipients and make them click on your emails.

However, if you create such cliffhangers, you need to live up to the promise you are making with such subject lines. In other words, your email has to explain what the cliffhanger was hinting at.

#6 Ask an Interesting Question

Another option to keep your email subject lines short is by asking an interesting question. In a way, this question could also serve as a cliffhanger, but it is more direct, so your recipients will know exactly what you want them to tell in the email itself.

Once again, if you are struggling to create an effective subject line that will be ideal for your goals and needs, you can hire a writer from a professional agency who will help you. Don’t be afraid to get more practice before you start feeling confident in the way you write your email subject lines.

#7 Experiment with Different Options

Last but not least, a good idea for the writing process itself is to not try to stick strictly to specific rules. Instead, try to experiment more with the way you write your email subject lines. By trying different options and different version of your subject lines, you can find the ones that will be the most successful at persuading your subscribers to click on your emails and read them.


All in all, writing subject lines that will sell your emails is essential for increasing your open rate. Use the tips in this article to start writing better email subject lines and get more subscribers on your mailing list to begin opening your emails frequently.

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