January news

We are happy to introduce to you a new framework for the TOPOL.io editor. We have switched from MJML3 to MJML4 which will allow us to develop more advanced features. This change will also increase the functionality and responsiveness of topol.io editor in many ways. 


Customizable width

Now it is possible to modify the width of the template from 320 px up to 1950 px. However, it is recommended to use the 600 px width for desktops. We recommend you always adjust the width first and then start working on the design of the template in order to avoid breaking down of your layout. 

Structure buttons

We have added blue buttons into the template which you can use if you want to add another structure into the layout. If you want to work faster and you don’t want to interrupt your workflow, you just simply click on the blue button and choose a preferred layout of the structure you desire. 


Content buttons

With the structure buttons, we have decided to add also the buttons for adding additional content. The way it works is very similar to the structure buttons, you simply click on the button and choose the desired type of content you want to add, without dragging it from the menu.

New structure layout

As the trends in email template design move forward, we have increased the number of our current layout structures. From now on, you can choose from 10 types of predefined structures. 


Custom social icons

With more and more social networks we have also added the possibility to create your own social icon linked to your desired social network.

Structure movement buttons

Now you can move the whole structure without dragging the structure in the template. By hovering over the navigation button, two more buttons will roll-up, that you can use for moving the structure up or down. 


Invisible preheader

Among other features, we have also added a feature of an invisible preheader, which you can find in the Settings tab on the left side in the lower corner. The invisible preheader is not visible in the body of the email but it is visible as an additional text in the preview of the message in your mailbox right after the subject.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These features are available only in the Free and PRO version for now!

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