March news

Plugin beta testing

We have successfully launched the beta testing of our new version of the Plugin version. For those of you who have missed this opportunity and you would like to participate in the beta testing you can write us an email on, that you are interested and we will get back to you.

Google Cloud

We have switched our cloud storage from AWS to Google Cloud, all the images hosted on AWS are still there so you don’t lose any of your already created templates. All the new hosted images will be now hosted at our Google Cloud, which is also the reason why your file manager was empty. If you need some of your old images we can import them manually to your new file manager so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them. 

Cloud Metrics

With new cloud storage, we will also add cloud metrics panel into the user settings so everyone can see how much storage is using per month. You will be also able to see how much storage you use per your account and how much storage you use per your API key. 

Black social icons

After some struggles with the social icons which were caused because Google+ has officially shut down, so the Google+ icon wasn’t displaying correctly, we have fixed the problem with the Google+ icon and we have also added a new design of black social icons for your templates. 


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