How to Create an Outreach Email That Someone Will Actually Read

Writing an effective outreach email is not easy. We give you tips on how to write an email that the recipients actually read and respond to.

3 Ways to Create a GIF for Your Email Templates

We use them every day, but few of us understand GIFs or their ability to add value and interest to our content marketing strategy. Knowing more about what they are and why they were created will help you uncover their potential as a welcome addition to your email campaigns.

5 Trends in Online Marketing

Each year brings new trends in online marketing. While 2022 seems to partially inherit what 2021 has brought to us, there are new things we need to be aware of. Online marketing is a rapidly changing field, and those who are not able to timely react to new tendencies, are left behind. So, let’s dive... Continue Reading →

Outbound and Inbound Emails: Difference In Writing

Outbound and inbound email marketing are the two major types of email marketing currently utilized by marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs from different industries. But while some people know the difference between the two, it is not always clear how that difference is reflected in practice while writing the emails. Hence, here’s everything you need... Continue Reading →

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